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This is a community for Ana Lucia fans. Seeming as there are PLENTY of groups out there sporting the hate for this character, this will be a hate free zone. The talk doesn't just have to be centered around Ana Lucia, HOWEVER it does have to be Lost related. Non-lost posts will be chucked, sorry!

Rules -

1. NO FLAMING - it doesn't solve anything so what's the point in it. Everyone has differing opinions, so the best option when things get heated is to agree to disagree.
2. NO SPAMMING - if you have a new community, that's great, but no promoting unless it's a lost centered community.
3. SPOILERS - I'm actually not picky on spoilers, I figure if you are on the internet and discussion boards then you are just taking that risk. However, I know some people are not within the US so there does need to be an LJ-CUT for new episodes at least until three days after the episode airs (so you are free to do whatever when Sunday rolls around). If you don't know how to do an LJ-CUT it's easy... <*lj-cut*> body <*/lj-cut*> with the *'s taken out. If you want to get the fancy words in your cut then you add this <*lj-cut text="blah"*>. It's easy. Anyone who is spoiler allergic be aware of this rule, I take no responsibility if someone spoils you, accidents do happen, and yelling at someone solves nothing.
4. BE NICE - you would be amazed at how far respecting fellow posters will take you. If you aren't sure something is offensive, then just DON'T SAY IT. It is also possible to disagree with someone without insulting them personally, and occasionally if someone ruffles your feathers it's a GOOD thing to step away from the keyboard for a few minutes before responding.

That's pretty much it, if you have any issues or problems, please contact me at e_ripley_78@yahoo.com. Be specific in the subject line or the email may accidentally get lost (heh, no pun intended there!).

I'll be fixing up this community as soon as I get a chance too, this was quickly thrown together on a whim, any CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms would be gratefully welcome! And don't worry, I will do something about the layout.